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In the world of 1911 handguns there are several names that rise to the top as the best of the best, but there is no name more highly acclaimed than Bob Marvel. Bob has been an innovator and builder of 1911s for decades. His guns are accurate, but just as important, they are reliable.

Custom Oil for Custom Guns

Now the oil that Bob Marvel recommends for all of his custom guns is back. If you have been looking for BMCO and can’t find it, or if you have been sparingly using your last few ounces, look no more!


Unfortunately, the shop is closed for the weekend. Check back on Monday for Bob Marvel's Custom Oil!


It is so thin, won't it just run off?

No - BMCO has the viscosity of water because It contains no solids like Teflon, graphite, moly, waxes, paraffins, or plastics so it can’t build up and it can’t get tacky. It doesn’t even feel oily. For this reason, some people think that it can’t possibly work because it doesn’t have boundary lubrication or film strength to reduce friction. BMCO is not really a lubricant, it is a metal treatment.

Does it get thick or gummy when it gets cold?

BMCO does not care about temperature. Because of its low viscosity and total lack of solids, it functions as well at -50F as it does at +100F. The viscosity does not change so the first shot is not a problem.

What about cleaning my guns?

Probably the single, most important feature of BMCO is that it reduces carbon buildup by about 80%. When you talk about AR platforms, either direct impingement or piston, carbon buildup is an important factor. BMCO will dramatically reduce the buildup and make cleanup much easier. When you talk about .22’s, shotguns or 50 calibre we’ve got you. These are the dirtiest rounds on the market. As long as there isn’t a mechanical problem, you should be able to run any brand of .22 ammunition through a conversion without a malfunction. The carrier for BMCO is mineral spirits. This is why BMCO will clean the gun as well as any cleaner.

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